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Become a supplier

If your business is considering becoming a supplier on Marketplace, this is where you find out about application requirements, how to apply, and the contract terms you will need to agree with to join.

Find out about joining Marketplace as a supplier

When you join Marketplace, you will be able to access the supplier portal where you can offer your services and products directly to the government agencies that wish to buy them.

Becoming a supplier

All eligible businesses are welcome to apply to join Marketplace as suppliers, whether you are a New Zealand-based or international company.

The company information you provide in Marketplace application will be used to determine the suitability of your business.

Why suppliers use Marketplace

Marketplace offers the following benefits to businesses that want to work as suppliers to New Zealand government agencies.

  • Buyer agencies can easily access information about your services or products.
  • Commercial terms are standardised.
  • Marketplace is open to all businesses that meet the specific entry criteria for the channel they want to join.
  • Joining Marketplace acts as a primary procurement process, reducing the time and effort you need to spend to engage with government clients.
  • You can join at any time — the whole application process is done online through Marketplace.
  • You can modify your online catalogue offerings whenever you wish.
  • Some catalogues offer a simple online purchasing process that makes these services easily accessible to buyers.
  • You can respond quickly to changes in agencies’ requirements.

Why suppliers join Marketplace 

What new suppliers need to know 

What you need to know before you apply

Here is what you need to find out about to prepare for your Marketplace application.

Apply to be a Supplier

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Dec 23 2020

Notice of Changes to Collaborative Marketplace Agreement

In accordance with clause 21.1 (Amendments) of Part 1 of the Collaborative Marketplace Agreement, DIA wishes to provide 30 days’ notice of changes to the CMA.

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Nov 30 2020

Enterprise Software: Payroll

We are pleased to advise that we have added a new catalogue the Marketplace - Payroll and associated services

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