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Summary of Terms & Conditions

Agency Participation Marketplace Terms content

  1. Agreement to terms
  2. Effect of agreement
  3. Joining the Marketplace and procuring Services
  4. Mandated Participating Agencies
  5. Non-mandated Participating Agencies
  6. Access and login security
  7. Agency Purchase Agreements
  8. Amendments to Agency Purchase Agreements
  9. Eligible Pre-existing Agreements
  10. Payment for Services listed in the Marketplace
  11. Participating Agency – Provider disputes
  12. Confidentiality
  13. Security
  14. Intellectual property
  15. Your contributions to the Marketplace
  16. Reporting
  17. Liability, warranties and disclaimers
  18. Certification and accreditation
  19. Governance and contacts
  20. Term and termination
  21. Privacy statement
  22. Amendments
  23. General
  24. Defined terms and interpretation

Schedule 1 – Opting out of purchasing AoG Services available in Marketplace Catalogues and procuring outside of the Marketplace.

Schedule 2 – Agency Purchase Agreement components

Schedule 3 – Amending Agency Purchase Agreements

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Agency Participation Marketplace Terms 23 August 2019

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